Monday, March 5, 2012

NEWS: Sean C. Johnson Releases Info On His New Album

We are happy to unveil Sean C. Johnson upcoming CD Cover and Track List:

Simply A Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All (Track List)
1. Gonna Be - ft. Cam, Zack Gaddis, & Dre Murray
2. Surrender All
3. Still Breathing
4. Who
5. MLMX - ft. Apoc
6. Sweeter
7. No Never
8. Dear Me (Letter to Self)
9. Stop And Think - ft. Adrianne Archie & I AM Franklin
10. Father I
11. Molasses
12. Pass Me Not
13. Amen
14. Bonus Track: Oatmeal & Spaghetti

The Bellamy Group, one of our exclusive media partners, recently sat down and discussed music and life in general with Sean. Check out this exclusive in depth interview:

Sean's Q&A on Worship Music, Molasses and Surrendering All.

B-Group: Simply A Vessel Vol 2 was “Faithful”, why “Surrender All”?
SCJ: So many times in my walk I've been told to "Surrender All". But no one ever told me HOW to "Surrender All". What does it look like to be totally surrendered to God? How does one begin surrendering to God? So that's what I wanted this album to be; a starting point in the dialogue on what it means to surrender EVERYTHING to God. How to surrender your Future, your Present, your Past, your Dreams, your Desires. Totally give it up to God, let go of the burden of worrying about what tomorrow will bring and let God write the story.

B-Group: What has been your personal growth between Vol 2: Faithful and Vol 3: Surrender All? SCJ: It's funny actually; whenever I pick a title for my CD I always seem to live that "theme" out in my real life. While recording "Faithful" I grew in my knowledge that God is always "Faithful". With "Surrender All" I was really challenged to surrender every area of my life to God. There were so many things being stripped from my life so much that was uncertain about my future that I really had to learn how to surrender all my concerns and fears to God.

B-Group: What is the overall flavor of this record? SCJ: The flavor on this album is definitely Neo-Soul, with a hint of 70's soul, and Hip-Hop. I definitely grew as an artist but stayed within my box/lane (Neo Soul). You can say I explored the outer edges and corners of my "Box" without stepping outside of it.

B-Group: “Who” is your first single, what’s special about this song? SCJ: Whew!! It just grabs you from the first beat. Style wise it definitely represents and embodies the sound that I want to be known for. Message wise, it points to how GREAT are God is. If there was someone you had to surrender everything to and depend on totally, it would definitely be God. There is NO ONE like him.

B-Group: You have a song called “Molasses”, tell us what this is about? SCJ: When I wrote "Molasses" I was really at a place in my life where everything around me was moving WAY too fast. I had a lot on my plate (work, school, and music). People were pulling me in different directions, asking me to do this, and I was really just stressed out. I wanted everything to just go away. But in the midst of that I was reminded that it's in the storm that we grow stronger, that it's the trying of our faith that produces patience. So instead of being in a rush and wanting the storm, trail, or pressure to be over I wrote this song to remind myself and encourage others to slow down and let God refine you in the fire.

B-Group: Describe your music in relation to colors. SCJ: I would describe the overall mood or color of the album as Red. Certain songs are Earth Tone.

B-Group: Soul music isn't usually categorized with “worship” music. Speak to this and why soul music is worship music. SCJ: Worship to me requires that you humble yourself before God and in essence bare your "soul" to him. This genre embodies that. Soul music does a good job of capturing raw, true, authentic emotion with no restraints. Here I am Lord; wretched, broken, and in need of your healing. Come fix me!! That to me captures the heart of worship. Just realizing that there is someone bigger than you and humbling yourself before him and surrendering everything to him.

B-Group: For someone who has never heard Sean C. Johnson, what would they expect to hear and receive from Vol 3: Surrender All? SCJ: I think they are going to be pleasantly surprised. Like finding money in your pocket that you didn't know was there! I pray that everyone who listens to this album walks away with a desire to truly start surrendering everything to God. I want to plant that seed.

B-Group: Why do you sing and write music? SCJ: I sing and write because it's the best way I know how to effectively edify and encourage my brothers and sisters in the faith. God has given me a gift, not to keep it to myself but to share it and use it to edify the body.

B-Group: What do you wish to achieve with your music and for inspirational/Christian soul music as a whole? SCJ: I ultimately wish to progress this genre of music as a whole. I want this album to be a benchmark that future artist look back to and say "That's how you do it. That's how you merge soul music with the word and make it enjoyable to listen to and minister to people". On the ministry side of things I really want this album to have an impact on peoples walk. I want them to have a soundtrack as they start the process of Surrendering to God.

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